Dielectric antenna
Dielectric antenna

Dielectric antenna


Ceramic Medium Technology

Our company has a series of dry pressing machines ranging from 3 tons to 100 tons. The specifications of ceramic antennas that can be processed are as follows:


Hole spacing:≥0.8mm
Dielectric ceramics are all high-temperature ceramics, and the firing temperature of ceramics is above 1200 degrees. Our sintering kiln has box-type furnace, bell jar furnace and tunnel kiln, a total of more than 20 sets, which are suitable for the research and development and production of samples, small batch and large batch microwave dielectric ceramics, respectively. The furnace can burn up to 1750 degrees and can be used for sintering various kinds of microwave dielectric ceramics.
Our company has more than 30 sets of precision grinding machine, slotting machine, cutting machine and scribing machine, which can grind, slotting, cutting and other kinds of processing of ceramic antenna, and the processing accuracy can reach 0.01mm
We adopt the method of molecular silver pulp stainless steel screen printing, processing of ceramic antenna ground and radiating surface, printing electrode precision can reach + / - 0.02 mm, molecular silver pulp by 850 ℃ high temperature permeability and ceramic solid combination, the adhesion strength of the silver layer and ceramic than 50N

Our company has a mature inner hole metallization technology, which is able to metallize ceramic inner holes with different diameters. The minimum is to metallize small holes with a diameter of 0.5mm
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